First Album, Completely Renoise

Completely free, too. Hopefully you guys can tell me what needs to be worked on so my future releases sound top-notch.

Kikaruu - Lifted

Download and listen, and you get one free internet!

Overall, I think the beats are ok, but there are few sounds in your songs. Mainly strings and beats, no basslines. Repeating the same ‘melodic’ motives with the strings over and over grate after a while imo. Get more layers, variation in the sounds used, processing over time (use the automation editor! :) ) & use the stereo field with panning if you plan on using more layers.



I listened to it again, and I agree. I definitely need to get more things happening, and probably simplify things so it isn’t too cluttered. I also need to get more sample variation, because the songs have very similar vibes, seeing as I used main string samples and didn’t really deviate. So in that respect, a lot of the songs sound similar (which for me, is not good). Crap, it looks like I even had a formula. Definitely not what I really wanted.

Thanks for the input!