First Attempt At Mastering it was my first real attempt at mixing and mastering a track. its the first one. called disc

c’mon … There is really no way you can have myspace as a reference for mastering.

If you wan’t some good feedback you should upload it to a site that doesn’t totally destruct your sound ;)

gosh. there is no satisfying you guys. last time i upload a wav, i get bothered becasue its too big of a file, and now the file is to downgraded.

Sorry man, I didn’t know bout the first time ;)

If you upload it as an (at least 192k)mp3 on one of these sites. You won’t hear anybody complaining bout the sound or size anymore.

If your quality is low (like the myspaceplayer) you can’t really here if it’s mastered proper or not.
and if the quality is to high nobody will download the file because it takes too much time downloading it.

If you wan’t a lot of people listen to it you’ll have to make it as easy as possible.

I recommend soundcloud!

Nope, the myspace player REALLY JUST SUCKS, the conspiracy against you personally is not involved in this one at all.

:D nice one!

Yeah, and also very cleverly mastered! :P :walkman: :P

Haha,it’s not like the 192kbs stuff in my homepage player doesn’t sound that much better… but still, it’s the thought that counts :P