First Compo Track

This is the first track I’ve ever submitted to a compo, made in Renoise (<3), of course!
It was finished in a rush, but I hope someone will bother and give some feedback on it :)

Nobody else has responded? I’ll respond!

I’m actually terrible at mastering so I’ll let other peope comment on that, and just comment on the song structure and how it sounds to my ear.

The song has a nice lead in to the largest nintendo breakdown I’ve ever heard. Which I think is worthy of note. This is what you were going for (I think), so I meant that in a good way.

It skips along through ideas, which some people don’t like but I do. It has a nice piano meledy to it, then out of nowhere has some carribean flavour to it with the kettle drums (or whatever you call them).

Skips around a lot, but an entertaining listen. I was never a fan of the chiptune sound and like bigger sounds… don’t really get the idea of using weak drums, etc. Then again, I never understood the concept of “that new style of slow wimpy rap” (modern hiphop) when I first heard it in the 80’s… and I still don’t today - so I guess to each their own. =) Overall though, lots of ideas and cool.

As a side note, I think that is the first mp3 I have downloaded that may have actually been larger than the source WAV file!