First EP - ST01


Here is a small first EP 3 tracks, based on tracks Chillout / Triphop and sometimes Dubstep.

Have fun !

Nice. :)

Thank you for your comment here and on SoundCloud !

Cool stuff :)

Thank you Cie !

First track:

Somewhat jangly, disjointed feel to the percussion but the broken rhythms, hiphop style, have a coherent set of ideas to offer. It’s not a harmonically complex piece, but one which tells its story in syncopation and surprising the ear. The brashness of the musical delivery contrasts with the fairly laid back lyrical component.

Second track:

Heavily bass treated, a bit calmer than the first track for the most part but there’s no ignoring the punch in the lower end of the sonic range. It feels like a calmer cousin of most dubstep, with a sparing rather than overwhelming use of wobble bass.

Third track:

Very different feel in the opening. This one definitely has a slow but involved rhythmic backdrop which is in harmonic agreement with the rounded top layer. Chord progressions show more presence than in the previous tracks, and do so with softened elegance. This is the standout track of the EP. The development and motion of the sonic themes is also more noteworthy than in the prior tracks, which makes for a more interesting overall listening experience.

The tracks got progressively stronger. I wanted to hear the fourth, and fifth, and sixth … but there were only three.