First Original In Renoise - Mysterious 80S Electro


I’ve been using FL studio since I seriously got into making electronic music. But after a great recommendation from a fellow producer, and good friend, I’ve been using Renoise for the last couple of weeks.

This is my first complete original, which I’m quite proud of, that I’ve made using Renoise. It draws inspiration from Mitch Murder, Kavinsky, Danger, and that type of dark mysterious 80s electronic.

Critique is most welcome, but please be nice and constructive. I’m sure you guys know how it feels :)

Thank you for your attention!

Nice man. Rad stuff. Congratulations, and I hope you’re enjoying the switch.

Also nice to see some respect for Mitch Murder. He’s awesome. :)

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Karakasa ftw.

enjoyed ~

a little more variation wouldn’t hurt, some vocal bits perhaps? but overall loved the vibes (of all your songs on sc)

nice tune man

Thanks mate! Thanks for pointing out the variation aspect. It’s kind of my weakness in a way. The way I try to “cover it up” is by making the initial progression as good and interesting in the first run, and build on that. But I’m now more aware of this, and I will have it in the back of my head on my next project.

Thanks for the replies!