First post! and song!

Hello everyone,

I’ve had this song idea for the past little while, and have only just gotten it to sound the way I want it to.[REDACTED]

So, any suggestions? I want to make sure I have a good handle on mixing, compression, etc. before I finish this up. I’m not sure what genre this is supposed to be, some sort of house maybe?

anyway, thanks!

Eyyo welcome to the forum,

Some kind of house covers it alright :) , not my particular taste in music and also too short so I can’t really comment on it. Judging from the soundcloud waveform though, and having seen other house tracks, there are still peaks to truncate and more thump to acquire, if that is desired apply harsher limiter settings. I’d worry about getting a good composition first though and worry about mastering later.

Well beat, bass and groove sounds okay, but it needs a lot more dressing and variation ofcourse.
At least the snippet is enough for me to convince you to continue rather than advising you to change your hobby ;)

Yeah, too short to really be called a “song”, but it’s a good start :D

I guess I didn’t make it clear enough that this is still a work in progress, sorry! :P

@Vv yes, variation… XD I definitely agree with you there, and thanks for the kind words!

@Djeroek Compression/Limiting is kinda the thing that’s been troubling me the most lately; no matter how hard I try the snare always loses it’s punch. Any techniques that can remedy this?

Lots of the small projects that I’ve mixed and mastered come out sounding like crap… and I know it’s generally not advised, but I just wanted to get some of the mixing and mastering out of the way before I continue with composition, if that makes any sense! I’ll probably start a blank .xrns to work out the rest of the song and then load it in to the current one. Or something.

Thanks again!