First Renoise Song

well after a little while of learning some of the ins and outs of this program i decided to throw together a song.
since it is my first song in renoise i figured that i would share it.
feedback and criticism welcome.


I can’t seem to dl the file in internet explorer or mozilla, I keep getting an error message! Maybe it’s my firewall, could you share it somewhere else, like myspace or something?

no prob with the downlod mate

thank you for your interest in my song. i wouldn’t worry to much if you can’t download it, your not missing much. but in the future i will try to make my songs more accessible. looks like i may have to start up a myspace (ugh) until i feel like shelling out the money for my own page.

o by the way your themes for renoise rock. :drummer:

i was able to download just fine.

For a first track, it sounds great mate. good use of instrumentation and panning. you have an ear for direction and pacing, so i’d just keep making tracks…

that being said, I keep waiting for this track to “take off” – seems like a lot of building but never truly “gets there” for me, if that makes sense. i keep waiting for that satisfying moment of release.

my advice would be, think about ways to add some space in to the music… break it open and develop the rhythm. wish i were better at explaining myself :)

Look forward to hearing something not based off an existing track. Working from scratch is always a great way to learn, too.

Oh, and DUDE, as far as distributing, check out – It’s an AWESOME site for musicians to share their stuff… and looks great. free, too.


to be honest … i don’t believe this is your first renoise song… :unsure:
for how long exactly had you been using renoise or other trackers before making this one? or other applications?

if this is your first song in renoise. you’re a natural super talent…

on the other side. it’s a well good tune! that’s the credit i can give you. tight breaks. very nice sound!
keep 'em coming. i love the track.

bit of nostalgia about it. i’ve taken hundreds of exctacy pills and rocked hard to the original tune. :dribble: well done mate :)

sorry i don’t believe this is your first ever. you must have previously made music in some way to make this tune.


ditto. definitely has worked with other software/mediums… completely obvious he has knowledge of other trackers or step designers. i’m curious as to what.

wow. thank you for you kind words. i will take that as a complement.

i have not used a tracker before though. renoise is my first and in love i am.
in the past i use to use supercollider, chuck, and audicle (big up livecode massive). but with school starting back up i have not been able to take as much time preparing songs solely inside there environments and that turned to me just mucking around building this and trying to reverse engineer that. then i was talking so this guy that i became acquaintance with and he said that he use to make music in trackers. (i’m sorry for what i am about to say) i’ve never heard of one before so i did a search and stumbled upon renoise. as soon as started to play around with it i was enthralled. its a easy work flow, and as much as i like a completely open ended environment with no limitation, renoise, imho, forces you into a song structure, so that instead of worrying about the programing you can just get down to “getting down”.

i will check out virb. thanks for the suggestion. i just signed up to myspace though so im going to see how that goes first before i decide to have more than one page, or cancel my account.
i’ve never had the urge to release any of my music before. so i think it may be a fun or completely nightmareish venture.

i completely understand what you are saying and agree 100%.

i should have taking more time, but i was just excited and wanted to get something together quickly to post.

lol. i just wanted to feel included. lol. ^_^

You are included :) Now give us more! :D

this is great. vocals too! i’m glad to hear you’re liking trackers, and if this is your first track, i’m sure many more great tunes are to come! excellent work! :D