First Renoise Track In Ages, Would Like Some Feedback

I have a lot of experience making serious “academic” music, but outside of that I’m basically lost. This is a little sketch of a hip-hop track I’ve done. I haven’t done a proper mix of it yet, so what I’m really looking for feedback on is the track itself. the drum patterns, the overall structure, all that.

EDIT: New mix


Nice vibe.
You could make it more interesting if you use a different melody for the bass. Not the same as the brass

Thanks for listening. Here’s a revised version. I altered the bass line, fixed a few sketchy timing in the brass and did a proper mix in Reaper.

I love it. I like what you do with the sax sample. Make more please!

I love the jerky tempo and the variations on the riff - really cool.

nice track… lovin the sax edits too!

I imagine this track in NFS: Underground series in main menu. It fits perfectly there ;)

Thanks for all the replies, guys.

I posted this over on Future Producers and I got a lot of feedback saying I should work on the mix. Here’s my newest version:

Feedback appreciated!