First song in renoise..

Made this couple hours ago…Just got into tracking so it may reveal some noob edits and things…

but It was made mainly to learn the LFO, filter ,etc. So I can start making some slammers!

Feedback is greatly appreciated , I have just registered my copy of Renoise(woo-hooo) so with that being said I hope to meet some cool new “virtual” friends and possibly do some collaborations in the future in this glorious community. :drummer:


Caliber tune. Production quality is tops.

Drums feel a bit robotic, i’m more into a skull disco / shackleton vibe, but the beats are dope. You could loosen them up with the delay column and subtle volume variations maybe?

Otherwise, very promising. A keeper, even

Usually people say “check out my dubstep tune” and it’s, instead, some sort of experimental variation with no foundation or actual reference to what is going on in the scene (I would be one of those people, for example). Your style is straight up proper.

Nice one.

PS: Send your tunes to this DJ:
[edit] Mixsets:

He’s west coast now, but he helped bring a lot of UK producers to montreal parties a few years back.


I actually am US based… Detroit, Michigan- By way of Seattle Washington


thanks for the kind words as well… Renoise is very vast yet simple…its only a matter of time before I learn the ins and outs B)

I dig this.

If i may ask… what synths did you use? especially around 50 sec or so? I like the long gliss… and then the bass tone that comes in just after that.


Well, all I’m saying is your tunes are good enough to get played in mixsets.

And I hope to hear em in Sase’s dubstep mixes someday. :)

See ya.

AWSOME!!! (Yes I neeeeeeded to use the Caps)!!

phat groove, like this. Only thing turning me down a lill, was that dry’ish string stab coming in later, felt a bit cheap and slapped on :slight_smile: . Other then that good shit! Especially for a first track, post more.

@ Mr. Cold… I used QUIK QUAK’s Glass viper on the bass…The rest were standard wav samples from my ridiculous sound library :)

@Conner…Thanks for the tip , Its a good feeling coming from a Guruh

@Cube…Thanks Homie

@Jonas…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…It was slapped on, You totally got me :)

thanks man