First Song I'Ve Finished With Renoise

Hey everyone. I’ve just finished my first project with Renoise, and I wanted to get some feedback.
Have a listen here:

I’m writing a short album (prob around 8 songs) all centered around my ukulele, but i’m trying to take it in a new direction. No “Somewhere over the rainbow” on this thing. :)

Anyone want to give this a listen and tell me what you think? I’d sure apreciate it! I’m super stoked to be part of this community! Renoise 2.5 is super awesome!

I just read how to embed the track so here it is:

Very nice track! I love the vibe its got. Was listening and started doing some other things, and noticed my self starting to zone out! I really like it. For your first track its great. Keep it up.

thanks man! i’m stoked you got spacey. it was doing that to me too as i was making it. :)

Looks like we have a new talent here! :D

thanks a bunch! I’m stoked to share my stuff with other tracker musicians. Yeah, I’ll be around…

Im not a ukulele expert, but arent this things like, non electronic? How did you get the sounds into renoise :P

i just recorded my own samples. it’s super fun! i think i only ended up keeping two different strum patterns. :)

Very cool! Ukulele revolution!

Terminal: Some ukulele’s have pickups. I own this little guy:

lapubell, I really like the track. The only thing I miss as a uke fan is a bit more natural strumming. Anyway, I look forward to more. Nice work!


Nice rich ambience…
I like…

yeah i plan on doing some more strumming on this album. this was kind of a project to actually finish something in renoise. I’ve been messing around with the software for a while, but I really, really love 2.5.

I added a pickup to my uke, and you can read about that here:
I used my Blue Yeti mic to record these samples though.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone!

Nice, definitely experienced that spacey listening effect. :)
What were you using for making tunes before renoise just out of curiosity?

o.O your voice is non electronic too… :P

I started years ago with Fruity Loops, then I switched to running Linux and had a long time there where I was trying out a bunch of native software. I used Rosegarden, SEQ24, LMMS, and dabbled a bit with energyXT. I tried to get into ableton live, but didn’t really like the interface. To be fair, ableton was the only thing keeping me dual booting with windows for quite some time. I used cheese tracker too when I was just learning about tracker software, but renoise has got to be the best native music making software that runs on Linux.