First Song With Renoise

Hi everyone,

Just one of my first try with Renoise under Linux.
You should recognize one of the Paradox Break. For the moment I’m pretty bad at drums patterns…and I’m lazy with the mix too…

My style is actually not very well determined, but if you ask me, I try to be melodic and repetitive…

Nevertheless hope you will enjoy my sound, and if you could give me some tips or feedback. (critics are accepted and even recommended)
Here is the stream :
Arboreal - Singularity

apparently this site requires to be signed on to listen, anyway your link redirects me here.

this one should be a correct link to OGG stream.

your style reminds me of a structured and educated kaneel, but I prefer the unstructured and wild one :)

anyway, as a first attempt at Renoise, it’s really good.

I dont like the “hissy” bass-sound. Otherwise I like the track

Can you post an mp3 or something? :D I can’t be bothered to fuck around with Windows media player and download compatibility, and it won’t play this right now.

Thanks for your comments. Just have some trouble with the mp3 version… Audacity during the wav -> mp3 conversion mess the sound, and it bubbles… Dunno really why, (too much flanger or effects maybe).

try and see if its better with wavesaur :D

btw,really like the track,well done

Use OGG format

like it, sounds good to me :)

Only critic (but take it easy, I’m absolutely the opposite of an audio engineer xD) is the heavy flanger on drums… usually flanger reminds me of airports, giving me hard headaches xD
maybe u could lower feedback a little bit.

I also love to think it’s made on linux, i will install it as soon as I buy my new pc and I’m happy to hear good sounds coming out from the penguin :)

Uhh, can you upload the .ogg as an upload then? I have Linux on my desktop upstairs, but I don’t have an internet connection on it.

For those who want to download it

It can be slow…

It is… ;)

This is a very very nice song for a first renoise track!

Like hooligan/DCS said the hissy bass noise, sounds like you use a very bad 8 bit sample and it is kind of anoying to listen to.
I think if you use a more round sine bass it wil make your track sound better overall.

(that is offcourse a matter of taste)

I asume this is a new renoise track under linux and not the first renoise track ever?
because it sounds damn tasty!

keep on tracking! :yeah:

So far what you got in the song sounds good.

I think that was very nice. And congrats on taking the first step towards a deeper understanding of music :)