First Song With Renoise

The song is nicely done, I didn’t like the second part where it gets more prog, to me death metal should be brutal, leaving the prog/technical stuff to Powermetal pussies…

thanks, understand that… also hate powermetal, it wasn’t supposed to sound like it :D

the influence in the last part came from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, they use a lot of weird percussion in their songs

i just love to make punk and metal drums on trackers and Renoise fx really help make it sound real

but, wait a minute…if you gave me plus and i have -1 in these previous posts that means i have at least 2 fans

you are doomed, i’ll crush you with my legion of cry babies!

edit: i have now -35 and just one hour ago i had only -5 :drummer:

haha :D