First Song

Hi guys from the Renoise forum,
I just bought Renoise and I thought I could introduce myself to the forums by posting the first song I made (I have experimented with the demo though). It’s sort of a House song, but I like and want to create a lot of different genres. I hope to share more tracks in the near future.
Here’s the link

I like it though the drum sounds are a bit too harsh and don’t sound really well w/o other elements in the beginning.

I actually wanted to make that kick even harsher, I personally love hard punching drums

I my ears you have mixed it with too much sub bass, so on a big system the bass will be too powerful.

Else, you just have to continue to make tracks, and you will improve for each track you make :walkman:

Ok, here’s another one I just made

That’s a good start. Simple but efficient.

I like it too when there’s a huge presence on the kick and the bass, like for example in the “satisfaction” track by b.benassi.

And I won’t say that it will harm my ears or my hardware because I think they’ve been both allready f***ed up by my own musical experiences :lol::lol: :lol:.

If you keep on composing with Renoise, you will probably include more and more things in your music, effects for example, the science of breaks will naturally improve, you’ll probably try to add more instruments, higher in your mix, you’ll try to put more complex harmonic lines on the top of the bass, and… there will be a little mixing problem then, if you keep this dB level with the kick and the bass. The kick and the bass they make a wow effect, but in fact at this rate they all EAT 90% of the mix so you have just 10% for the other instruments, fx, leads. Anyway, it’s a good start, keep up the good work and

have fun with Renoise.