First Track After Ages ...

Hey guys,

one of the first tracks I finally started in Renoise ^^ Been doing nothing but C64 demoscene related music in recent years, so bear with me. Have to get back into it first ;) And yeah, this is somewhat different :)…holidays_v1.mp3

Download Link:…holidays_v1.mp3

No loops whatsoever used.

Sounds like you’ve got some great tracking there, but I’m finding it difficult to praise your track because of the typical genre conflicts :( I don’t like jazz, and this is a lot like it.

Still though, prejudice aside, really great track you have there!

der Linus :D

very good for a first one and a refreshing different style to what we hear most here.
take your time to get back to renoise tracking, hope to hear more from you in the future :)



I’ve requested it before but can we please have whoever maintains the forum have it so a download link it provided when mp3s are used with Media tags. It is a direct link to media but to access it you currently have to Quote the original post, copy and paste the mp3 link into your Browser, Load and Save Page As. A totally convoluted method for something that should simply be provided by the link being there, like it would be if they posted the track the old fashioned way (no tags.)

Thanks for the replies.

I just edited my post and added a download link that can be used via “save target as …”.