First Track Ever~

wooo, Renoise. Started about 2 months ago just messing around with sound and breaks but not really composing anything, but when i felt I had enough of an understanding of the program I decided to give it a go.

so yeah this is my first track. It took about 3 weeks to create, and found myself going back and changing things a LOT. then i realized if I kept doing that I’d never finish anything and decided to just leave it alone and move on, and improve. still a lot of things that bother me but forget it lol.

hope it isnt too hard on the ears D:

but yeah, let me know what you think duders.


first track ever? doesn’t sound like it. maybe first track with renoise but it can’t be the first track you’ve ever worked on. i can’t see how a beginner could sound this good…so either take this as me calling your bluff or take it as a huge compliment if you truly have only been making tracks for 2 months.

thanks guys~

and it is my first track ever D:

no prior music background outside of guitar for a few years, and i went nowhere with it. but yeah, for a month i was doing nothing but looking at xrns files (mostly BotB’s lol), experimenting with breaks for hours on end, and listening to a loooot of breakcore.

INdeed verry good for someone who has started out 2 months ago …talented for sure :yeah:

first finished track ever?

for a first song it is very progressive :yeah:

next goal:

try to add groove in breakcore ;)

You can’t be serious about that remark? If there is at least something that does not lack in this track, it is a perpetual stream of groove variations…

I really really liked the start of this, and then the breakcore started :panic:

I couldn’t even listen to this all the way through. I like the drums and I like the music. It just sounds like a bad DJ trying to mix two songs of different BMPs together.

Sync it up and you’ve got something good going on though. :)

That’s some really good advice up there. I mean, it literally is distorted, mashed-up breaks over a long sample, and I think you’re spot on about how they don’t really interact at all. Sorta sounds like an exercise in technique rather than a song after listening to it again. Thanks dude :3

haha, i can respect that. listening to it now it really does sound kinda odd. it wasn’t my intention to make it mesh together well but maybe I should make it that from now on, and learn to structure a track well before I kill it lol

Thanx ;)
I always like to nod my head to a beat. And if you want to distinguish yourself from the breakcore masses
that are putting out a netrelease every day; Add groove.

You have the talent and the knowledge of cutting and glitching a break :yeah:

very scrubby :)
are these samples legalized?
and … very fun!

cool stuff man.

I like this, and for a first song it is very good. Even if it might lack some structure and to quote your words could seem like a technique exercise more than a well thought out song there is in my mind nothing wrong with that…not at this point you know.

I’ve been tracking tracking on and off for around a month longer than you and for the first two months I just couldn’t even start to try and make a song that I wanted to make, thought out start to finish, without getting frustrated with not being able to do something specific. So I did those “technique exercises”. Just messing around with one effect or command more every time and adding some things to make it seem like it’s a song (the result of both ends of the first two months). And I think it’s quite ok, not taking too big of a bite you know. You notice and learn even the smallest details that way.

But really, good song. :)

did you seriously track all this break fuckery?