First Track Post

hey, been using renoise for like 2-3 years, my first time ever putting music on the internet, and i allways look/read this forum.

if anyone has time, give em a listen for me. nice 1 .x

no time at moment… soon tho.

WOW! I reallly dig this!

btw scroll to the bottom of the page to listen

btw btw join the renoise soundcloud group!

btw btw btw where on the moon do you live? :P

Tons of marvelous sampling, love it all!

I especially like Poland!

weheey , cheers guys, i expected no replys :)

‘insanity’ i am new to soundcloud, i think i am now a fan of you ? or following you ha
i joined the renoise page also,

i have alot more music to go up soon, working on beats and instrumentals all the time, i will stick a load more up at the end of the month :)

’ dfast ’ gotta love the sampling :) I Love sampling and samplers in general,

i must put a pic of my studio up at some point to, again, cheers .x

sweet (=

nice warwick ur sportin broseidon!

cheers ‘maes’ couldnt live without it :) the most versitile bass i have come across

take care .