[Fixed 2.5] Retrigger Command With Drumatic: Bug Or A Enhancement

Hi i am curious is it some kind of enhancement in version 2.5 or a bug, with the retriger effect.

Listen how it sounds (good) in 2.1 version and weird in 2.5


I cannot hear the sample right now (I’m at office), but it could be a good idea to add a sample XRNS which shows the situation where this occurs

can i send it you personaly? becouse it is a project in progress…

Possibly your ’ tpl’ settings have been changed ( see song settings )
Maybe upload the xnr file so we can have a more in depth look

Yeah, I’d like to see that xrn file as well. It sounds very different indeed.


xrns and dependancie vst…



sorry, unfortunately I cannot access a Windows workstation these days, so I can’t test this properly. All I can say is that there should be no differences between the two player versions. Other team members will surely give you an explanation soon

by looking at the source, all I can say is that it seems that 2.1 is applying some volume reduction to the trigger effect.

volume reduction is controlled by the first of the two command value digits so, if you have used the first digit anywhere during song creation, is likely that for some reason the XRNS file has the value stored in it and it uses it as default in Renoise 2.1, but not in 2.5. I assume the 2.5 behaviour is the correct.

try if using a different value (other than 0) for the first digit removes the difference between the two versions

Renoise 2.1 indeed behaves wrong here. Looks like a bug fix in Renoise 2.5 has changed this .

Renoise 2.1 only retriggers notes on the first column in your example, Renoise 2.5 all columns which have notes playing (are not OFFed).

If you only want the retrigger effects for one column, place them in the volume or panning column, instead of the effect column.

Thanks for the tips…

Moved all effects to first colum and now it sound s the same :) Definetly there was an error in older version…