[Fixed 2.7 Beta] Crash With 2.7 B6 On Restart With Script That Causes

This tool (not finished), crashes Renoise for me. To reproduce: First install tool, then quit Renoise, and restart it again. On restart it crashes. I think the problem is that I try to add a notifier, but this gets called before renoise.song() exists.

Thanks for reporting. We’ve broken that somehwen during the betas, and the crash actually will happen with any script error that happens on startup - not just with notifiers. Will be fixed in the next beta.

In case you haven’t found this yet. To avoid the error, you’ll have to use:

-- Invoked each time a new document (song) is created or loaded, aka each time  
-- the result of renoise.song() is changed. Also called when the script gets  
-- reloaded (only happens with the auto_reload debugging tools), in order  
-- to connect the new script instance to the already running document.  
 -> [renoise.Document.Observable object]