[Fixed 2.8] Sample Data Plugin Crash

I’ve been poking at the rubberband plugin, learning Lua and seeing if I can get it to operate on a selection.

I’ve got it working at this point in an interesting way involving multiple steps creating and setting buffer sample data. Everything works fine unless I try and undo any of the changes when done on a selection (with no selection it works like the original plugin). When I undo I get a hard crash in the latest Renoise beta (64 bit) on Windows 7.

I’ve attached the main.lua file; it should work as a drop-in replacement for the default rubberband main.lua for testing purposes.

Any insight into why it’s crashing would be greatly appreciated.


I can’t really see it, the prepare and finalize both seem on the right spots everywhere.
Renoise should not crash on an undo.

Perhaps try and figure out how to get it to crash with as few lines of code as possible to isolate what part is making it crash.

On it. Whatever you do (wrong) in Lua, should never crash Renoise, so this must be fixed by us…

Fixed for the next update.

Thanks, good to know.