[fixed] Crash with special combination of slice and offset commands

Hi all !
Today, I’m working and this sample and Renoise Freeze.

I am the only one or this patch freeze your Renoise too ?


The file is too big, so I’ve send it on my server at this adress : http://parallele36.free.fr/Untitled_1_21_2016__11_55_crash.xrns.zip

crashes here too after about 32 lines into playing, windows 10, 32 bit version 3.1, this is what the log says;

Application: Successfully loaded ‘Untitled_1_21_2016__11_55_crash.xrns’.

GraphPort: Initializing in WindowedMode

GraphPort: Successfully initialized

Application: Init OK

Application: Enter MainLoop…

CrashLog: Handling Exception! Code : C0000005

CrashLog: 0000000140927069: l9_ippsSin_64f_A50 +748799

CrashLog: 000000014092547C: l9_ippsSin_64f_A50 +746BAC

CrashLog: 000000014091E023: l9_ippsSin_64f_A50 +73F753

CrashLog: 0000000140DFA3B7: l9_ippsSin_64f_A50 +C1BAE7

CrashLog: 000000014091A55F: l9_ippsSin_64f_A50 +73BC8F

CrashLog: 00000001408EA685: l9_ippsSin_64f_A50 +70BDB5

CrashLog: 00000001408D2A8E: l9_ippsSin_64f_A50 +6F41BE

CrashLog: 00000001408C74A4: l9_ippsSin_64f_A50 +6E8BD4

CrashLog: 0000000140914496: l9_ippsSin_64f_A50 +735BC6

CrashLog: 0000000140914828: l9_ippsSin_64f_A50 +735F58

CrashLog: 00000001408C928E: l9_ippsSin_64f_A50 +6EA9BE

CrashLog: 0000000140509562: l9_ippsSin_64f_A50 +32AC92

CrashLog: 00007FFBC45B8102: BaseThreadInitThunk +00022

CrashLog: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF: ??? +00000

CrashLog: 00000001405094AF: l9_ippsSin_64f_A50 +32ABDF

Application: Caught an unhandled fatal exception (Thread: AUDIO SLAVES)!

Application: Saving a backup…

Application: Terminating…

ASIO: Stop Polling…

ASIO: Timeout while waiting for ASIO to shut down!!

ASIO: Releasing Focusrite USB 2.0 Audio Driver…

MIDI: Shut down: Closing all acquired MIDI devices…

MIDI: Shutting down MIDI server…

MIDI: Closing MME Midi-In device ‘LPD8’

MIDI: Closing MME Midi-In device ‘V49’

Heh, same here on Mac. Even completely freezes the DAW before quit. Ronan, seems that you found some serious bug.


Application: Successfully loaded 'Untitled_1_21_2016__11_55_crash.xrns'.

CrashLog: 0 Renoise 0x00000001007a2efd Renoise + 8007421
CrashLog: 1 Renoise 0x0000000100e4b1bd Renoise + 14987709
CrashLog: 2 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff8bd94899 _pthread_body + 138
CrashLog: 3 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff8bd9472a _pthread_struct_init + 0
CrashLog: 4 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff8bd98fc9 thread_start + 13

Application: Caught an unhandled fatal exception (Thread: AUDIO SLAVES)!
Application: Saving a backup...

Application: Terminating...

CoreAudio: Stopping Device 'M-Audio: FireWire 1814 Multichannel'...
  • BUG * BUG * BUG * BUG *

I experienced similar with that AUDIO SLAVES THREAD. Now it’s reproducible… :badteeth:

I work on Linux KXStudio 64bits.
I’ve found a bug… champagne ? :yeah:

Here my Log.txt :

Application: Loading 'BUGBUG.xrns'.

MIDI: Loading MIDI actions from file '/usr/local/share/renoise-3.1.0/Scripts/GlobalMidiActions.lua'...

Osc: Loading OSC actions from file '/usr/local/share/renoise-3.1.0/Scripts/GlobalOscActions.lua'...

Player: Constructing...
Player: Creating slave threads...
Player: 2 threads enabled. 4 CPUs are available.
Player: Start running...

GUI: Creating the Document GUI...
GUI: Successfully constructed

Application: Successfully loaded 'BUGBUG.xrns'.

CrashLog: renoise() [0x9f9170]
CrashLog: renoise() [0xecd724]
CrashLog: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0(+0x8182) [0x7efc526bb182]
CrashLog: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(clone+0x6d) [0x7efc517bc47d]
CrashLog: [(nil)]
CrashLog: [0xbfaec80]

Application: Caught an unhandled fatal exception (Thread: AUDIO SLAVES)!
Application: Saving a backup...

Application: Terminating...
Application: Caught signal:15 - Terminating...
Application: Exit...

Hello. It’s caused by the combination of 0B and 0S effects, which are applied on the sliced sample. Actually seems to be a pretty old bug which never got found so far. Thanks for reporting.

In case you want to continue working on that snippet, here’s a workaround (simply adds a slice at the end of the sample which will stop it from crashing).