[fixed r3] Windows: UI of NI Maschine 2 VSTi is broken

Problem seems to be that Machine tries to read its skin files from Renoise’s “Skin” folder. This is a bug in Machine on Windows and should be fixed by NI. NI has not verified the problem yet, so I don’t know if or when they’ll fix that.

Here’s a very very dirty workaround for !Renoise 3! until they did so. Please only try this if you know exactly what you are doing.

You can move all of Renoise’s resource files and folders into the new folder called “Renoise.res” next to the Renoise.exe. This moves the “Skin” folder and thus will also fix Machine.

In “Program Files/Renoise 3.0.0” or “Program Files (x86)/Renoise 3.0.0”, create a new folder “Renoise.res”.
Now move all files except “unins000.exe”, “unins000.dat”, “www.renoise.com”, “tutorials.renoise.com” and “ReWire Engine.dll” into that folder, so the final folder/file layout looks like this:

www.renoise.com (link)  
tutorials.renoise.com (link)  
ReWire Engine.dll  
Renoise.res/ Library/  

If you somehow managed to mess up things. Delete that whole Renoise X.X.X folder and run the Renoise installer again.

Thanks for your instructions taktik, I was able to open Maschine 2.0.6 in the latest beta5 both in 32-bit and 64-bit, but the procedure made Renoise 2.8.2 crash.

Fortunately it was a matter of undoing the file changes in the explorer which restored 2.8.2, without having to reinstall.

Oh, sorry. This indeed won’t work for Renoise 2.8. Fixed the description above…

This here is why I love Taktik - straight to the point and gets shit done.
The workaround works like a charm!

BOOOOOOM!!! thank you taktik for way how to get up and running <3

i got a bit of struggle when upgraded to b6
at beginning doing same thing as that dirty workout before my maschine had that bug screen as before, then i tried delete everything in renoise.res folder and then cut n paste files needed to that renoise.res folder everything was back on track again :)

Got no response from NI if they will fix this, so we’ll workaround this for r3 on Windows by putting all Renoise resources files into an extra folder “Resources”.
Hopefully this does not break any other plugins then ;)

Thank you!!

I installed the rc1 today, and I didn’t have to do the procedure taktik taught us. Maschine worked -in Win7-, without any workaround whatsoever.

Does this mean this issue is fixed? Shall I close the ticket I have with NI’s support?

It is fixed because Renoise is working around it for you, but frankly that is not how it should work in general and it is also not a behavior the NI developers should really be fond on keeping it (I would not consider that a professional attitude from any software developer).

Well, I got this message today regarding my ticket on NI’s support: “…the bug you are describing will be fixed with the
next free-update-version of the Maschine 2 software, which should be released
sometime in the next few weeks.”