[fixed] Request: Show/edit BPM in decimals in automation editor

Not sure whether this has been requested yet, so feel free to merge/delete this post if neccessary.

I just spent about 3 minutes trying to set the exact BPM in the automation editor. I don’t know why it is displayed and edited in Hex, maybe there are good reasons for this. Heck, I don’t even know if it’s Hex. It’s just really annoying trying to input an exact BPM value.

6778 Unbenannt-1.jpg

I feel your pain. I wrote a Ruby script I can run at the command line to convert values. Your post made me curious if someone had written a Renoise tool for this, and lo! https://www.renoise.com/tools/dec-hex-converter

It was last updated for Renoise 2.7, but I’m assuming it will work in later versions as well.

Oh, great. I’ll give this a try. Thanks!

Well … this is weird. I just installed the converter tool, opened a new document, and now the two values (BPM and the value inside the automation editor pane) sync up. Even with the tool being disabled it works fine. Don’t know why it didn’t do that before.

Should this be converted into a bug report then?

It’s because of this bug.

Glad to see this has already been fixed. Thanks for the info!