[Fixed] Why Can'T We Change Topic Titles?

I understand why admins can though.


The reason is that I don’t know how to change the setting. :( Just spent 10 minutes looking…

Find me where in IP Board 3.1.X that setting exists (a screenshot? some doc somewhere on the web?) and i’ll change it.

Three cheers for Bantai.

Now that it seems possible, how would one go about changing the title of a thread they started?? I’m looking for an “edit” link somewhere near the topic title… what should I be hunting for?


and what’s with the stupid capitalization? (=

@mSepsis: yes, was wondering about that as well
@maes: indeed!

You going into the Advanced Editor to change title? You just type over the old title, easy.

First Letter Capitalisation was added a long time ago to stop people doing titles in FULL CAPS. Surely it can be lived with… Even if it does do some weird formatting at times (capitals after an apostrophe for example.)

yeah i figured that.