Fl Studio Fx For Renoise


  1. Now on FL-studio (Fruity Loops) if you want the same synth sounds, you can download Sytrus VSTi from FL. (I don’t know which is better VSTi or DXi)

  2. To simulate the same sound as FL’s ‘Pluck’, you can use a free-vsti called Electric Cowboy 3000 (EC3000).


  1. I have no idea WHY FL doesn’t have a tracker built in. They seem so based on tracker technology. Everything from loading .XI to Buzz pluggins. They had to be very influenced by the tracking scene, but they refuse to put in a tracker? :( well, that’s why they are #2 in my opinion to Renoise. (or maybe madtracker is)

  2. Renoise was maybe going to have a sequencer like FL. I saw something martinal put up. Also Renoise was going to have a piano roll. No need to argue which is easier (we are all on a tracking board). But I love renoise, i’d just like to see some more fancy toys and flashing lights to brag about :)

actually you can use sytrus to emulate the plucked plugin, and i guess the vsti is better since renoise doesn’t load dxi plugins. ;)

and pointing renoises’ VST search directory to FL’s plugin folder, enables some of the FL effects for renoise. not all, but the filter, compressor, flanger, etc…

i would REALLY like to see something like the granulizer that fruity has!!!

also what would really be cool is a looper that works with the automation area
so it would make it really fluid on changing loop points,lengths,start & stops, forward backward ping pong. (Dblue & I talked about this in the chat room
and we found one that does pretty close to what we were talking about but its kinda cumbersome in comparison to the idea)

so if i ever figure out how & try making any vsti plugs them 2 are mos def the prime target. maybe call them “coool looperererer” & “stretch” and make them for renoise so we can have our very own proprietary plugs or just throughly test them in renoise an we got a winner!

it would really be nice if there was a way to dock plugs to an area too

oh hey btw Extacodo: in 97 or 98 a friend of mine was telling me fruityloops WAS a tracker (at the time i had no idea what tracking was) so maybe it based on tracking because when i use to use it i noticed the tick based stuff and its just like Bantai was talking about in another thread.

isn’t that what the effects commands are for? Granulizing your sample?

I never felt the fruity granulizer gave me much control at all …

combinations of 01,02,0b,09,etc. make me feel like I OWN my sample and am not just interfacing with it …
call me a luddite …

yeah the effects commands is some pretty nioce shit, but having to change pattern speeds an bpm to get different grain styles is a bit too much…
i found a plugin from doing some searching on here, an it works pretty much perfect. for what i want to do. the fact is, 9xx just is not precise enough to be able to implement many variables for doing granular effects.

:i took this from a site of a guy that works with Csound:
“Granular synthesis is dependent on the generation of thousands of events per minute, and so it is impractical to define a set of characteristics for each grain. A practical application of granular synthesis involves the use of a micro-computer to generate a stream of grains to which time varying characteristics can be applied.”

I don’t know if this is the plug in you are using:


But it does the job for me. (and it’s free)


KTGranulator ROCKS!
simply, useful and free
thanx 4 the link!