FLAC is a format that we’re really coming to grips with as an excellent way to send 16bit WAV data compressed in a lossless format. However, when it comes to encoding 32bit masters for transport on the web this is a difficulty. The codec, afaik, doesn’t support 32bit float. BUT: Renoise does! What you say?! Here’s how it happened:


So this enables Renoise to encode 32bit float data into FLACs. Currently this is the only way I know of making lossless compression of masters to send via the web. I would like to know if there is any other way. Doing this via Renoise is clunky, and involves dirty tricks like renaming xrns files to zips and nabbing the FLAC out of there. Seeing that I’m mastering other people’s work and they need a copy, a need for this function as arisen.

Also, it seems, via Renoise, that the compression of 32bit float audio to FLAC is fairly minimal, and there are little gain in doing this anyway (so I’ve ended up posting gigantic WAVs online). Is there a way to squeeze more out of the encoding, or is there simply too much detail for the codec?

You could use one of the many other lossless codecs. Wavpack supports 32 bit and has a lot of support.

huh ? I have a flac-input/output filter for audition that supports 32bit and reaches the usual ~50% compression. And wavpack is nice too.

Cool. Looza, when you say for Audition, is that a plugin?

Adobe Audition

Edit… or you ment if its a plugin for Adobe Audition?

You can add ‘plugins’/filters for it yes.

You mean here: http://www.vuplayer.com/audition.php

exactly this one (actually an older version, I just updated … :D )