Flanger -Wanderer and several other effect presets are gone?


im following the tutorial, where they use the wanderer,

it seems to be a problem with the 3.1.0 version, i have crosscheced with 3.0.1 and wanderer + other effects are present.

but its not possible to import it from the older version due to incomability with flanger2.

any solution to this problem ?

it seems i can drag and drop from the old folder in too Renoise 3.1.0 :confused:

Hi! The new flanger is a new device on its own, incompatible with the old. The old flanger is still there, but hidden as “deprecated”.

You can get the old flanger by copy & paste the device from old renoise (with all the settings).

You could also just copy & paste this spoiler text to the effect lane where you would see the boxes with parameter sliders of the effects etc.:

Click to view contents <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>




Device only

to get a blank old flanger device. Notice the type=“FlangerDevice”, while the new flanger would have type=“Flanger2Device” in. This also works with other old devices. As for presets there seemed a few to be there when I just tested with 3.1, not a “wanderer” preset though.

What I’ve done was creating doofer presets with all old/deprecated devices in, to be able to add them on demand. There is also a tool which can bring the old/hidden devices I think.

Hi OopsFly!, thank you for the help :slight_smile:

where would i find the new flagner device ?

cool, will try the spoiler scrit as well :smiley:

Hi, the new flanger device is the standard “flanger” in renoise 3.1 - it is a bit confusing, because the old was named the same in 3.0. You’ll see the difference in the filter list, the new 3.1 filter has analog filters and distortions, a vowel filter in between - the old 3.0 flanger has a lot of moog and eq filters in the list. When you copy & paste the text from the spoiler to the effects lane there will be one instance, and you need to make a doofer preset from it (or use the special tool) to make it accessable via the effects browser.

I suggest you look at this thread: https://forum.renoise.com/t/using-deprecated-renoise-dsp-devices/27727 - the tut (IDK which you mean) will probably also use other deprecated effects, like filters, chorus. If you need the old 3.0 modulation filters in the instrument settings, there should be a preset “old filters” or so for backwards compatibility.

Other than that the new filters, chorus/flanger and modulations are quite a step up from the old, especially the filters.