Flats And Sharps

I’m for the non-complicated option to toggle between sharps and flats, simply because my instrumentalist friends are used to talking about flats (most of the time) rather than flats. One of my uses for Renoise is to write songs for my rock/pop band. More often than not, they will get what I’m getting at by ear, but when we rehearse the songs it helps if I write down chords and notes. I am not an expert on notation, so it would ease the process of conversion for me if this was just a toggle (that said I can usually work it out, but I have got things wrong in the past…). I see no reason not to implement it.

I appreciate the need for the GUI to deal with fancy/unusual scales, if these will be implemented in the future, but that is a much bigger issue.

Bloody hell this thread has gone way over the top.

I’ve recently wished Renoise would display Bb and Eb, should be a fairly simple addition to the song settings tab no?

No need to go insane over 16th century harpsicord tunings and eastern quartertone scales, bumclarts!

If your song is in Eb, just think of it in D#.


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I definately agree with casinoshanty and think that having the choice between sharps and flats would be a great idea…i would greatly simplify composing songs with plugins, as you would be able to think in a key much more easily, which would make writing harmony much more convinient, for instance if you had the scale of Fmaj, you could simply write it as F,G,A,(Bb),C,D,E instead of writing it as F,G,A,A#,C,D,E. Whilst this issue may not seem like a problem to someone not versed in musical theory, it is important because if i wanted to write a song in Cb, or even Gb major,constantly replacing enharmonically becomes extremely confusing, not to mention if i have chromatic notes that would be sharp also, and ultimately wastes time.I don’t see the fact that some countries spell notes differently as being an issue…as far as i know , the only major difference is that Germans spell Bb as H … this would not be a difficult adjustment to make on their part, there has to be some sort of universal music language that can be agreed upon, and the western one is certainly the most prevalent, and follows the most logically. In any case im sure that the option to have flats would please more people than it would offend.
+1 from me :D