Flatulence Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Discuss! :blink:

I’ll put my modest amount of money on … yes.
Your friends, the ones who really know, love and care for you, are far more likely to let it rip than those who’re more peripheral to you and less likely to actually be interested in you.

Yeah, and still they complain. Well, my girlfriend does anyway. ;)

Believe me, as long they complain everything is ok…


Just as it is with babies and old people.

belching is in china!


My girlfriend and me have sunday morning farting competitions.

Yes… females actually fart… despite the popular stereotype :o

they poop, too… contradicting popular belief

dude, ever since 2girls1cup everyone knows that girls poo - they just wish they didn’t have to be actually shown it.

Those weren’t actually girls… there aren’t any girls on the internets

rule 34 on renoise

I require proof that’s a girl… though does somewhat comply with 34 through 35… if you count silhouettes. But then, the Renoise thong already covered 34 so your attempt was in vain ;)

damn, missed the renoise thong :( and cant prove that its a girl - i’m guessing its an 18 year boy from ohio who spends 48 hrs at a time on /b/

more likely a 48 year old man who’s still living with his parents

if he farts, I trust him

I said flattery… not trustworthiness