Flexible Noise Layers On The Fly

A lot of drums use noise layers today. Are you fed up with searching for suitable drums with a noise layer or with even layering them yourself, too? Just do it all on the fly then. ;)

The new grouping feature allows a very flexible solution for this, layering your drums with noise, while you’re at any point of production able to change the whole thing or just parts of it, without having to change a single sample or instrument.

Setup a group. Let’s call it “Layered drums”. Within this group add a sub group named “Drums” and a single track NEXT to this group, named “Noise” for the layer. Within the “Drums” group, add another sub group “Noise Triggers”. Add the tracks here, you want to trigger the noise with. NEXT to this group - still within the “Drums” - add your usual tracks for the rest of the drums.

Add a Gainer now to the “Noise” track. On “Noise Triggers” add a Signal Follower and trigger the Gainer with it. To the “Noise” channel add a LowPass Filter, a HighPass Filter and a Gate (after the Gainer!). Adjust all the devices to your needs, add a constantly playing stereo white noise on the “Noise channel” and what you’ve got now, is a most flexible setup for noise layers, allowing you to compress with noise, without noise, trigger the noise by what sample ever, insert FX at any point, with or without noise, move the noise within the groups and so on. Just move your drum tracks the way you want. And of course you’re able to adjust the noise layer’s sound at any point now. :)

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