Flstudio 8.5 Beta With Renoise as Slave

Hi, I am using FL Studio 8.5 Beta set up to pattern mode (meaning I’m only looping the first 4 beats in order to write a part). Renoise is linked as a slave through the Rewired device.

Renoise exhibits the following behaviors:

-The first tick in the pattern is often skipped entirely.
-Even though ticks 0-15 are what is being looped, occasionally tick 16 is triggered.

The same things happen if I set it to song mode and loop a 4 to 8 beat section. Furthermore, whenever I loop a section (no matter where it is on the timeline), the same behavior happens. The first tick in the pattern is often skipped, and the first tick after the pattern is occasionally triggered.

Hey thelizard,

There are two related problems, at least with Fruity Loops 8 (8.5 beta can not be downloaded as demo, can’t it?):

Fruity Loops does not publish any loop information to the slave (to Renoise) when playing back in pattern mode, so Renoise does not know where to fold its playhead to and will be “hard chased” as soon as fruity jumped back in the time line. This should be a problem with all other slaves as well. Theres unfortunately nothing we can do here beside asking the Fruity devs to support loops with ReWire.

Another related thing: Renoise compensates PDC latency by shifting back its timeline when running as slave. This means that the first note can be missed when started from the master, not from Renoise itself. You can disable PDC in Renoise to see the difference.

Ahhh, that’s a bummer. Thank you for the quick reply!

Yeah, the 8.5 public demo isn’t out yet, but I don’t think they’ve really changed any of the guts since 8. They added sidechaining, but it still lacks auto-PDC, which blows my mind. Most of the rest of the changes are cosmetic or workflow, but I’ll check out if it does anything differently with version 8.

Also, I have Max/MSP for Windows (I saw that only OSX was on the list), so I’ll do some tests later tonight and report on if everything works fine.

Please see https://forum.renoise.com/t/missed-notes-with-pdc-as-rewire-slave/24934 why Renoise might miss some notes as ReWire slave. The fact that Fruity does not publish loop information just makes this problem worse (makes it happen on every loop jump instead of just while starting to play).
Unfortunately Fruity loop is kind of useless as ReWire master for sequencer alike ReWire slaves as Renoise is. That you can’t control anything from Renoise with Fruity as master is a big limitation. I think they added ReWire mainly for the MIDI routing, so that you can play for example Reason synths in Fruity in its sequencer.