hi :)

i`ve finished a small drum&bass tune today with renoise 2.5.
so, this is my first tune in 2010.

i like to get some comments on this tune, especially for the overall sound!
its still hard to get the sound, im searching for.


i also like to show you another tune which was done some month ago.


greets and happy new year


Like fluctuation a lot :)

thx, saturn ;)

I like fluctuation too…

I join the massive hordes of liking this track a lot :drummer:

good drum programming and filtering on fluctuation mate
nice sounds and textures and i like the changeable structure:)
its a proper journeyer- nice one!

in terms of the sound you’re after, maybe these suggestions will help…?
the bass feels a bit lightweight
i often send the bass to a couple of returns (making sure keep source is selected) so that i can add some
growl with a distortion plug
compression to squash the sound so it appears fuller (you still have the dry signal for more dynamics)
eq to bring out the sub elements of the bass - you’re kicks aren’t very subby, so you can afford to be generous in the 80hz region on your bass…
with all these send fx you can go quite over the top, because you can then mix only a small amount their signals into the overall mix

thanks for the tip! i will try this in one of my next tunes.
i do this stuff, you explained, allready on drums (parallel compression), but never test this on the basslines.

and i really wonder why :huh:
because it suggests itself.






:o :o :o

yeah, great track!

I like fluctuation a lot!

What speakers are you using? I’m asking because I feel challenged by your firm grip on the low-end.

i have a pair “ADAM - A7”
bought them just some month ago and since i have them, my overall sound is getting better i think.
but i still have problems with the bass sounds!

They look really nice, will go check (hear) them out!

Fluctuation is bangtidy man…though i prefer back fire.
I’ve been trying to write a lickle D&B-esque section…the production is the hardest part…getting it to fill your head.
Backfire is better in terms of style, but they both stray a bit on the composition/arrangement side.
You’ve got some sick chops in these tho…
all in all, deep tracks…

thanks moss :) i´m still learning so much, but everything is getting better, slowly

have you already checked out “InLove” ? ive postet this yesterday and its more ambient like in some parts.
but i have to overwork the bassline, soundwise