Here’s my first song, Fluesmekker, under my new artistname: Context Playground.

Hope you like it! :rolleyes:


Love your percussion!!
Another tune of yours in my playlist, nice one.

very nice. excellent production. beautiful song really. i think it has a lot more potential with the lead instrument… but still, i really like it

trying to make us dance ey?

really nice song, enjoyed almost every second. Funky rythm and sweet melody, great sound. Now I’m inspired to try to do better and push that limit of funkyness.

Thanks alot for the feedback!

The song has just been an unfinished project that’s been just laying around for some time, glad I finally finished it.

I absolutely love the percussion! Excellent work!

Really cool happy vibe to this track that just makes me bob my head and smile. :slight_smile: I really have not real criticism of the track. I like everything about it. :yeah:

Do you have a webpage where I can check out some more of your tracks?

great overall clarity, nice percs, funky rhythms, good song concept… damn really no complaints :)