Fluicore Album Released. (1 Song, 1 Bonus Track)

Hello -

My name is Aaron Chesney. I’ve been working on some music for some time now, and came to a point in my life where I realized I needed to make a big change. In everything.

Introducing the azurinx Friendship Torrent.

Also available here.

Here’s the torrent description:
[indent]Hello -

My name is Aaron Chesney. I suffer from bipolar personality disorder and a few
other things. I’ve been having trouble finding meaningful, enduring
friendships. I am going through a hard time right now, and I could sure use
some true friendship (see journal).

This friendship torrent contains music that I wrote that is very important to
me. It also contains 1 photo timeline and 2 PDFs that are essential to
understand a little more about me.

I have also included contact information if you’re interested in being my

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share
Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Enjoy my music and keep seeding,

To understand me and how Fluicore came to an end so abruptly, grab the torrent. If you just want to hear the final versions of the audio you can listen to that on my site azurinx.com in the Media Gallery.

Yours in harmony,

Hey man, got any individual songs?

The torrent contains different versions of Fluicore as it was being developed over time. Other than that, I have song ideas, but haven’t felt much like writing lately.

Azurinx - Fluicore (Deluxe Edition) here

What’s with the wrist cutting?

Thats an unfortunate side effect of a medication change I’m going through, trying to find the right medicine for my particular disorder(s).