Focus/show Funktion

if i use focus/show function in the track dsp, spectrum meter or another upper/lower frame interface i can only open frame but not close (using only one hotkey). i understand that it is not the mistake.but it would be much more better if there was a possibility of reverse operation.

Focus/Show will switch it to a certain tab of the option in the upper function, showing it and then setting Focus to it. To hide it with the same button makes no sense.

What I think you want is to set a shortcut for the “Show/Hide Upper Frame” option. This is available in Keys Preferences but has nothing set to it as default. It will only show/hide it with last tab you had set for that frame though.

I do not agree, because when i working with pattern sometimes i need fastest accses in function. yes i have this funсtion but when i did manipulation for me logical the same close to the same action that has access. these things form in me the habit of certain hot keys


acces from patter matrix shift + esc i have open pattern matrix but when i push shift + esc again i have select pattern. WHY? if i need see patter matrix? i have ‘’-’’ hot key. if i need select focus? i have shift + tab. i dont understand this duplication giving do not advantage

In the first post you are talking about Upper/Lower Frames, in your reply you are going on about Pattern Matrix, which is in neither of them!

Plus the fact there is only a single Show/Focus shortcut for upper Frame options (which then cycles through the Tabs.) You would need a separate shortcut for each of Disk Op, Track Scopes, Master Scopes and Master Spectrum.

Pattern Matrix and Pattern Editor are a purposeful exception as they are believe to be the two areas you will do most of your work in when composing. Hence why Shift+Esc will toggle focus between these two only. Alt+Tab on the other had will cycle through all the areas in which you could have focus and thus is nowhere near as fast! Seems the entire Focus operation has reverted to the previous version in this area as well…

Renoise generally seems to recommend using the Global View Presets but personally I’ve never liked them and I set up shortcuts for each area I may want to access (although unfortunately no combination is easy and means I don’t loose some defaults.) Couple that with a Show/Hide for Upper and Lower and I personally don’t think it’s that hard. I don’t think hitting the shortcut for Automation (for one example, Shift+Alt+A for me) when it already has focus should close the entire lower pane, I can do that with Show/Hide Lower Pane (Shift+Alt+L).

i love tracker for very easy interface.I think the simpler the better. no need to reinvent the wheel. I dont like a mouse and i want to use maximum keyboard for all function.

trackers its hot key and fast work vs cubase for mouse and brake thing about universe )))


sorry for my english, i know he is strange )))

Where do I mention using a mouse for anything whatsoever?

a lot of teams can use the mouse causes. simplified way to be successful


if you make one team that can combine the 3 is not comprehensible. I think a much more logical