"Focus/show Track Dsp" Shorcut & Focus

first of all, Renoise again turned my desires into reality by reading my thoughts: I needed a shortcut to set focus to pattern editor, went into Edit => Preferences => Keys => Search, typed “Focus” and found plenty of shortcuts to set the focus anywhere :)

however, the shortcut “Focus/Show Track DSP” only shows the target, while not setting the focus to it

edit: same goes for “Focus/Show Diskop/Scopes” and “Focus/Show Automation”

Yes, it will only focus when the “Locked Keyboard” option is disabled - when focus is fluctuating in Renoise in general.

I understand that it would be nice to also have focus shortcuts which override this option, but then we actually do need two sets of them:

“Show&Focus Diskop/Scopes”
“Show Diskop/Scopes”

to make everyone happy?

hmm your explanation makes sense indeed, I vote for keeping it as it is, then, if it is too much hassle to add that options, otherwise I would be happy to have them