Focusrite Liquid mix 32

Has somebody tried a focusrite liquid mix 32 with renoise on win7 x64?
It is not supported by focusrite anymore, but some say you can get it to work on a bridged x64 host.
They come cheap nowadays and i like the fact i can use less mouse and also delay buying a faster Pc.

generally, Renoise 32-64 bridge works well, so there should be no issues in running this plugin in Renoise x64. I can’t speak for the specific case anyway

I thought so too, but i still have doubts. Focusrite supports till xp but they said it works on win7 x64 aswell unofficial.
I was hoping somebody has some experience with it. If i decide to get one i’ll post my findings…

sell that shit and buy UAD :D sorry :D

Lol. It was for sale for 95 euro, but eventually I didnt get it.
Why do you thinks its crap though. Is it sync issues or sound quality?
Or just cause they dont support it anymore. (because it propably crap anyway)
Did you try one?

try Gearslutz forum for this

Theres a big problem with the Liquid Mix in Renoise 64bit, it would seem. You can only open 1 instance. When you try opening a second instance it throws an error saying that no liquid mix hardware could be found. Works fine in other DAWs so not quite sure whats happening.

It works fine in Renoise 32bit - but thats not really any help :huh:/>/>

I’ve also made a JBridged version and tried that (so a third party bridge to 64 bit) - same problem.

On a side note, I really love the Liquid Mix - it’s a different beast to the UAD stuff - just as useful in it’s own way.
It’s a real shame (for me) that it doesnt seem to work with Renoise, it’s been a big part of my workflow for many years.

I will continue to try and find a way of getting Liquid Mix and Renoise64 to play nicely together and, of course, will update here if something emerges from that.


This is also the case with my UAD card, too. Only one instance of a plugin can be opened - Argh! Again, no such problem in the 32bit version.

I went for the uad and i’m very happy with that!! :))
Works great in 64 bit. Maybe you can get the liquid mix to work aswell then?

Perhaps there might be some kind of limit in how many instances are allowed to be opened seperately. When bridged, each instance runs fairly stand-alone. Inside Renoise 32-bit, they are all part of the same host, i guess that might be the problem.
So perhaps the bridge server should perhaps allow a single root thread with plugin branches of the same plugin instead of branching out multiple root sessions.

Theres a workaround for the problem, read about it here in detail:

Essentially, the only way of running the Liquid Mix (and UAD1) plugins, to my knowledge, is to make bridged versions of them using the JBridge software. Once that is done you can use an option within JBridge to allow multiple instances to load correctly.

That’s indeed also a possibility. Renoise was geared to also run with JBridge native mode. I’m not sure if that is still the case. But the workaround will do until either this gets attention in Renoise or in the better case:UAD releases 64-bit versions. Rather the latter than the first.

That said, the Liquid Mix is very flaky with JBridge in Renoise. A great shame because the Liquid Mix is completely ace.