Fodspor (footprints)

Hi fellow renoisers

This is my first post here. One of the tunes, fodspor (footprints), from my upcomming (all renoise) CD:

Hope you enjoy it, although it’s not the type of tune that seems to get posted the most around here :slight_smile:

i like the drums but the vocals and pads arent really my cup of tea. great production tho… props

very nice song, i like it.

Thanks for the feedback. As mentioned I realize this is out of the norm around here, thanks for listening.

Wow, I’m impressed. How come so few people appreciate this song as much as it deserves?

Did you do this all on your own? You don’t often find people over here who’d know how to arrange vocals. Perfect stereo chorus on the refrain, great and soulful voice! Who’s voice is that?
The introducing ambient sounds are well arranged, too. Especially how all begins to follow the rhythm of the footsteps. There are some - I’d say rather unwanted - distortions in the FX, like when the door closes.
Great use of the lofi sines/rhodes. I love how the lofi bass pulse introduces itself. The lazy harmonica suits very well, too.
As for the breaks, did you sequence the fills yourself? Perfectly in place. Is it just me or does the BD have a bit too much of mid bass? I’m not very sure about my own judgment here.

Ok, so much about the quality, the mix and effects.

Now to the melodies, harmonies and phrasings.

Great! Though I can clearly hear that it’s all intended, the chords sound a bit empty at the beginning, you seem to be tracking the vocal melody only with fifths. But hey, don’t change it. It’s perfect that way. I always long for the extra sugar. Skillful soul phrasings on the singing.

The bridge - great! How often did I use this word now? Great. It’s so cool to show you know what you’re doing when the progressions change in the bridge and then you satisfy the request - the full chord introducing the refrain. Especially along with the sine arpeggios. Reminds me a tiny little bit of “DB Boulevard - Point of View” which I find very pleasant. The vocoder is joyful and really in place for this genre.

The refrain is …yeah, you know that word. I love how the voice is being accompanied by the lower third. Beautiful progressions here, too.

Glad I came across this beauty. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for listening, and all the kind words. You flatter me to the point where I have to comment one your (very precise) observations :slight_smile:

Yeah, just me…

My wife

I know, and I even tried redoing just the door, but it sounds so another-take-half-a-year-later-ish. The door is distorted (too hot recording setting) on the original recording on my edirol mp3 recorder. I’m not really sure what to do about it, might have to leave it there :frowning:

Yeah, it used to be some beat from somewhere in 4/4 that I chopped up and triggered in 6/8.

I’ll make sure to give that an extra ear, thanks for spotting it!

Actually it’s parallel major 7th without the 5th, so you get that 5th at the top.

Glad you liked it! You made my day :slight_smile: Thanks!

I managed to repair the door without it beeing (too) obvious, it’s in the linked file…

wow, dude. this is a brilliant track B)
everything = beautiful.