Follow The Effect Slot When Moving It With Arrows

In the effects panel, when you press one of the arrows to move the effect right or left, it looks to me like it makes more sense to scroll the entire effects panel so that it will follow the effect that was moved.

This way, it will be very easy to move each effect by several steps, instead of clicking and scrolling for each step.

A big +1.

It is really a pain to move a DSP 2 or 3 positions to the left/right. It would be terrific if mouse pointer is automatically relocated at the new position of previously pressed arrow. I’ve experienced this in some other tools like 3DS MAX and really like it. Please implement.

I would prefer it if the mouse pointer stays at the same position, but the panel scrolls so that the same arrow of the same slot is still under the mouse.

We may mean the same though.

Click and hold the effect on the upper line (the effect name), then drag it to any position you like. The area will automatically scroll further forward or backward if you drag outside the boundaries of the effect panel.
Use the arrows for either one step or full end or full start and use drag and drop for any other arbitrary position than just one.

Thanks. useful, but still makes more sense that when you click the arrow, you follow the subject of that operation. There is no logic for this slot just disappearing. Not to me anyway.

That’s okay with me, just wanted to point out a currently available solution.

Yeah, I know you did. Appreciate it vV.