Follow Up On "done" Suggestions

Hey, thats great.

I noticed that many of the suggestions I have made in the suggestions forum, made it to this version. Thats very nice indeed.

I would like to suggest a followup suggestion to this:
Numpad 0 To Open Instrument Editor, When the selected instrument is not a VST

Jonas wisely mentioned that he is not using the instrument editor but the sample editor, and would prefer it if the Numpad0 will open the sample editor instead.

How about this:
In VSTs - leave as it is (First press opens, second press closes the VST)
In Samples - first press goes to instrument editor, second press goes to sample editor

This will be in fact a toggle so you can move back and forth from sample and instrument editor as needed.

This way it will serve both types of users - those who use instruments and those who edit the samples.

Thanks for implementing many other suggestions - so I guess it is not only a rumor that suggestions do make it to production… :)
I feel that a “Yeepee” is in order…

The last suggestion might be an idea. There is no proper logic to assume opening the sample editor is the more right move to do when pressing numpad 0.

Don’t forget you can also press F4 to get the sample editor up front and F3 to get the instrument envelopes up front (if you have the default screen area presets stored).
The fact that you only have to memorize those keys specifically makes a three toggle for the numpad a bit clumsy.

I mapped my F1-F7 keys differently than the default.
The Numpad0 addition is not only to make access to this easy.

The thing is this - working with many instruments brought me to the habit of pressing Numpad0 whenever I want to edit the instrument - since most are VSTs.

So, when I do that, and the instrument is in fact a sample - in previous versions, nothing happened.
Now, I think it is better - there is no need to memorize anything since I do it automatically and without thinking, but sometimes the sample you are editing needs changes in the instrument pane, and sometimes in the sample pane - in other words, editing a sample based instrument has not one but two editing areas.

So, thats why this toggle may make sense - i mean, if you are not a part of the group of people that uses the numpad0 a LOT, then it wont bother you, but if you are one of those people - it will probably only make you more efficient.

Press Numpad0 when a sample is highlighted, and see how it will make a total sense for you to press it again to move to the sample editor.

I agree though that the logic is not straight forward, unless you say: Numpad0 = Edit Instrument.

agreed :slight_smile:

heh :)
I knew you would.

That became the new logic because numpad 0 made the VSTI editor appear when the instrument contained a VSTI, but it did nothing when a sample based instrument was selected.
The most logical equivalent of the VSTI editor is the instrument editor when it regards sample-based instruments.
Hence that you now view the instrument editor when you press numpad 0 on a sample based instrument.