Font on retina and probably other highres displays should be improved

For years I swore this day would never happen, but I’ve just got a 13" Macbook pro retina after being fed up with sluggy Windows, and as I don’t really fancy Windows 8 i’ll give this mac thing a try, also have to say I’m quite excited about the high resolution retina display.

So when I first opened Renoise I got stunned how bad the font looks, it’s not even decent looking it actually looks pixelated, something I did not expect on this device.
Worst character is the M, do try compare it to this very M used in this webfont, it’s night and day (on a MBP retina obviously). It’s weird looking at all these beautiful fonts everywhere and then open Renoise to see that ancient font that only reminds you of a thing from the amiga days.

Is it possible to change the font on our own? If not then please improve it someday, it’s suddenly become my top wish.

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