Foo?'s New Website, Heh.

Got a beta version of my website up. I’ve still some graphics/code bugs to iron, but you can have a look. Let me know what you think. I’m hopelessly amaturish when it comes to webdesign, but I’m glad I didn’t go down the flash road…

My question is to any of you who are good at web design. I’m looking for a ready made script (e.g. php) that I can take and re-skin for my proposed q+a section. I’ve seen this at a few sites:

I would be very greatful if any of you can point out a script/solution I can appropriate for my site. I haven’t got the +skilz+.

Thanks! :guitar:

i think it looks great, you piano murderer.

but yeah definitely, if you aren’t pro (at website design), then minimal is the way to go. i think it’s sufficiently attractive and efficient.