For Sale Or Trade Manybass

So, this doesn’t seem to catch any attention at kvr so I though I’ll post it here too

I’m selling/trading ManyBass with multiple expansions.

80usd/55 eur including transfer fee.
I’m also interested of Stillwell Bombardier or QuikQuak Pitch Wheel, but in case of trade I’m going to ask for the 20usd transfer fee from you.

Acoustic Electric Bass
Upright Bass
Ultimate Bass Kit

It’s a good sounding and pretty versatile electric bass library with dedicated player. Includes huge amount of different articulations and with the expansions there is even more like acoustic electricbass and standing bass.

The included player has bass cabinet sim, amp sim, eq, and couple of effects suitable for bass sounds.

ManyBass can also be used to load wusiksnd files and it’s sounds can be used in any Wusikstation-based synth, but ManyBass it self is not based on WS.

Paypal gift or split the paypal cost or IBAN.