For you that got good or bad reviews

Don’t be sad if some people don’t like your songs. Often there are other people that like them

Many of my old Fasttracker songs was reviewed… Some loved them but some hated them. (though I was ranked no.1 at TiS 1998 for over two weeks woho :) )

Read this review of an old song I made:
The first persons loved it, but read the last review.
He really hated it :)
But this very negative review didn’t make me sad at all, I love it!…eadlydesire.htm

My point here: Don’t stop making music 'cause some persons give you bad critisism. Make music, get better, make music, get better! :)

Now I’m really curious about that song… :rolleyes: can I download it somewhere?

Some reviews and songs can be found at:

right-click and chose “save as” remember to save them as mp3… Iexplorer wants to save them as .mpeg sometimes.

Also remember these song were made between 1996-1998… nu vst’s att all :)

My suggestion is to download “Withnail & I”… It’s my most mainstreamed fasttracker song…