Forced Mono Input Or Convert To Mono?

On my RME9636, it can only select stereo pairs (i.e. 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8), so my mono input (guitar, bass, vocals) is put hard left in stereo. Is it possible to have a convert to mono processing option in the Sample Editor, or even better, force mono input?
I can find ways around it, though I’d rather have them mono than stereo for mixing purposes. Just curious if it can be done!

Fiddled a bit with the recorder now and it’s top notch. =)

I understand what mean.
Well, i personally don’t know if converting stereo recordings to mono can be done.
Currently you can apply track FX to the recordings and the line in-device, possibly the StereoExpander might help you out a little if you desire a direct effect on the live signal.
If recorded, it’s better to convert to mono afterwards.

Sure, its posible. A “L”/“R”/“L+R” switch next to the input device chooser would do the job. Yeah, makes sense. Why haven’t we thought of this? ;)

vvoois, yeah I tried the expander and with full expansion it was nearly centered, but with that spatial effect you get when using it. Forgot to process to see what it actually looked like.

taktik, beats me! Maybe most current interfaces don’t force pair inputs.

In the meantime I’m sure there’s a few VSTs out there that can help, or I can go stereo in, because hard left input monitoring sucks. =)

My audiocard devides the mic input on both left and right channel.

so do you think mono recording will be possible in 1.8 final?

that would be great. with my Motu Traveler i can’t neither select to only record “input 3” so now when i record bass or microphone I have to record 3+4 and then convert to mono, and then you lose a lot of levels/headroom because renoise is melting the L with the R.

I don’t know if this can be solved easily, my soundcard also devides mono inputs across stereochannels and this is hardware-technical, so there should be supplied a sort of dephasing algorithm or balancing algorithm to convert a stereo devided mono signal back to plain mono.