Forget Renoise... This Is The Future!

:D :D :D :drummer: :guitar: :yeah:

The Beamz™ Music Performance System


Cool!! Jean Michelle Jarre had something like that in the 80’s but now everyone can afford it. :)

“be a hero” + “everyone sounds great” = I’m confused now :lol:

Butka, you mean a Theremin?

This seems to be nothing than 6 triggers that take up a lot of space, it’s the software that does the “magic”. And yes, everyone can and should afford it. Be a hero today! :lol:

Looks like some something the Microsoft hardware division could have thought up…

I’d prefer Jean Michel Jarre’s laser harp to this lame invention

Break the laser beams!
Play the light!
Be a hero!
:guitar: :drummer:


oh great, i want one, i’d love to look like I’m playing an invisible guitar/drumkit/violin or whatever like some superserious Nintendo Wii-enthusiast!

Where can I get this? At geeks-R-us?

“MORE COWBELL!!!” :lol:

The instrument would be fitting on a Star Trek episode

nope I meant the ‘laser harp’ :)…_jarre_harp.jpg

Wheee!!! Now that is a true hero! :o


What a load of old tosh. Honestly, this might be good for the learning disabled or something, but this has more to do with looking good (at a push) than music. It’s comedy value could reap many rewards though - I could imagine sticking other things in there as some kind of party trick :P

I saw something similar to the laser harp on tv once… it was embedded into the stage however, and shot straight up. These are no more complex tech-wise than those laser measuring tapes you can get on the shopping channel. (or does the dollar store sell those now? :P)


I’m looking for the 88 beams version ;)

cheesier than I expected

I want the same + MIDI or USB interface + fully programmable and customisable features !!!

  • even MORE cowbell

I know this technique, don’t let your eyes deceive you too much, the laser doesn’t do much until the beam is broken and then this event just triggers a pulse, nothing more.
They have attached a sequencer to it that responds to the pulse and “continues” to play a preprogrammed sequence.
It is a nice idea to give your live-show some extra twist for your audience but it would be a waste of money if you think that you can compose with that.
But if you want to please your audience, i would rather learn a trick like the video below. Pretty much the same idea:the audience thinks he really plays the notes but the tunes are actually preprogrammed and notes are played sequentially on each random hit.

Really? Forget Renoise because THIS is really the future.

Micro$oft has Mysong now.

forget the future, this is renoise! sits content

Haha, this is worse than EJay. :)

those beamz are freakin priceless
i’m gonna get 2 , sprawl out on the floor and just let my limbs go crazy.
all my dreams have finally come true. thank you dblue :)