Forgetful Renoise

Hey renoise seems to be having troble remembering my preset buttons/recent files …

You right clicked upon the preset buttons after you selected your folders?
Did you installed Renoise as administrator?
presets and settings should be written to your c:\documents and settings\[username]\application data\renoise\V1.x.x folder into the config.xml.
What is the last modification date of that file?
It might be some write access that is not allowed to that file.
Or if you opened a second Renoise session and made changes in there, the config file might be locked by the first session.

Could you also post the log contents of a simple start and close of Renoise. The log can be found at
c:\documents and settings\[username]\application data\renoise\V1.9.0\Log.txt

As VV said: Either Renoise cant write the config file becaise of permission problems, or because it crashes while exiting (maybe because of a problem with you Audio/MIDI drivers). The log should give us more details about this…

You could also send the whole log file to me (taktik@renoise…)

yeah i did right click once i was on the correct folder . I don’t think its anything to do with renoise not being able to write to the file as it does remember thing for a short wile, but every so often I get an error reading an XML file and thats when it forgets everything .

I’ll get a copy of the log file sent off to you asap taktik .

EDIT: Can’t seem to find the renoise floder in my application data folder ???


Do you use Windows Vista?

On Vista its at:
c:\Users[username]\application data\Roaming\Renoise\V1.9.0\Log.txt

The application data is invisible by default. If you can not see it hit “Start” -> “Run” and enter “explorer %APP_DATA%” (exactly like this). This will open the app data folder for you…

got it :)

will send it now

any news on this

Got the log, but have no clue why renoise doesn’t shut down correctly for you. You dont force quit Renoise all the time or something like this? How do you usually close Renoise? Do you get any errors while quiting?