Formal Introduction - New To The Forums

Hey everyone, not sure the best place to post this…

Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am new to the forums, but have been using Renoise for over a year. Got to say, I love the way it works and it really has changed the way I work with music creation. I have always been a fan of the event list and other than Renoise I have not really been a tracker. More of a traditional sequencer user. I like all kinds of electronic music, I make minimal techno/tech-house under the guise of Cymatics, and I am starting a new project with an undecided name, focusing on the darkside of DnB - 5 tracks on the go. Two different projects to not have limitations or expectations of my sound…

Also thanks for all the wonderful themes that everyone has submitted, and I really like v 2.5!!!

Hello ! and welcome…i cant tell about whole community its just from me…and give links on yr tracks plz :)

Thanx Sodiufas, will do. Renoise only tracks?

make sure you don’t spend too much expensive “renoise-time” on the forums ;)

doesn’t really matter :)