Format C:

Do i have something special to do before format? (to save some strange files from stranges directories to keep my renoise files work good?) Or everything is embed into .xrns? a friend of mine lost all his presets of cubase files after formating… i don t want the same with magic renoise :D thank you!!

edit: actually nothing… This depends on what settings you mean need to be the same when you open your system again.

You can save the config files for Renoise: C\documents and settings\username\application data\renoise

edit: but yeah, the song info is all in the .xrns files.

Also, if you have made or installed custom skins, make sure you backup this directory/folder:

C:\Program Files\Renoise 1.8.0\Skin

thank you a lot! pray for me i format now! :D

everything looks ok but i lost the vsti Junglist’s settings…

I tried tried tried to find where does he writes his settings (it s just dll, no installation) and renoise don t keep it also…

that’s strange.
junglist should save its settings within the songfile - it does over here ever since.
the only synths i have to save the presets externally for are those made by Edirol (like hypercanvas, orchestra, superquartet) - but that’s not host specific and can not be circumvented since they are designed to work like this.

but junglist… nah mat, guess there’s something else wrong there - it should work.

Maybe you used a different version of junglist before?

Something similar happend to me once with Superwave P8…
I´ve got two partitions here, one OS for Music and one for daily work stuff.

However, I installed Renoise even the Multimedia OS for some fast writing down of ideas before they´re gone until I reboot.
Just for fun I scanned the VST Folder and all plain *.dlls are working as they should, except of course the installed ones due to a failing registry keys, whatever.
The only exception here is Superwave P8 though. In the Music OS it´s working perfectly but on the other, in every song which uses it, all presets are re-setted to default, which surprises me a bit, since P8 only consists of an dll. Using the wrong version is out of question in this case and afaik there´s only one version on the net available (?)