Formula Device

Am I correct? The *formula device isn’t experimental anymore? It shows up in my installation anyway, no tools involved. I couldn’t find any recent threads about it though, only some dusty ones from years ago. So I decided to start a new one, dedicated to tips, tricks, scripts, whatever. I never looked at it much before (that’s because it was hidden) but now I use it so much.

For a start I have attached 2 synced LFOs controlling 4 waveforms and an array, similar to the metamixer. (use it in the instrument-fx to get rid of the lfo-reset annoyance)

ideas for dsp improvements in the future:

  • maximize window option, like the envelope stuff.

  • more variables (add a new column for D,E,F like *hydra dsp)

  • more constants (number of patterns, current volumelevel etc…) – or can I already access this stuff? I am just getting my feet wet with lua & scripting …(*)

this is nice as well: write a formula to a track with a silent sample & DC-offset and pitch it up or use it as a control curve in blender/aftereffects/mindcontrol etc…

“or can I already access this stuff?”

No, only what’s inside the help is what you have.