Compilation we’ll be a file-sharing social network dedicated to all things “lo-fi/low-tech/dirty/gritty” electronic music. Ranging from Gabba on an Amiga to arpeggiating lo-bit tracks on a C64. From Experimental Noise on a homemade custom circuit bent instrument to Industrial Hardcore on Renoise. From Breakcore on Octamed to Old school Acid House on a TB-303 and TR-909 etc. the list goes on. All things low, fast, gritty hard, slow, danceable, soothing, mechanical-like, hypnotic, organic, stimulating, provoking and mindfuckery related to lo-fi/lo-tech electronic music are more than welcomed. (it’s the best I could describe at the moment, the compilation will explain better)

To help launch and declare it’s existence, TDS wishes to compile a collection of works that will ultimately reflect it’s agenda. The compilation will be a statement, a manifesto if you will, on what it wishes to unite, provoke, stimulate, share, and ultimately grow, amongst the masses of like minded people and the not so like-minded.

The compilation will be submission based. Those who wish to participate, can say here and once completed (unless you already have a track that you believe would fit the bill) send tracks via the contact page on the mother site:

If you don’t believe you have material that would fit the bill, tell a friend who you think possibly would be interested instead. We want to connect people.

Submissions will be taken with an open-mind, BUT as stated: “TDS wishes to compile a collection of works that will ultimately reflect it’s agenda.” So yes, just like any other compilation or a record in a music collector’s vinyl collection, there is a certain… how could I put, mind frame? As the “sounds” in general should vary a lot, but yet still relate to one another in it’s final product compiled and ready to be distributed and shared amongst friends and comrades.

To get a better feel of what we have been inclined to enjoying (thus raising the chance of being featured on the compilation), feel free to browse the mother site’s catalogue:

TO ARTISTS: Album artwork is being accepted as well. If you have prior work or would like to contribute an new orginal piece, specifically for this release, that oneself believes would fit the bill, based on prior statements: Feel free to submit as well.

Think Red.


P.S. Also, if you wish, feel free to copy and paste this on blogs, other forums and communities etc. etc. We’d appreciate it. The System thanks you.

Feel free to take anything from my music page and put it in the P2P network you are describing, thanks.

Right on man, thx. Will look through! I’ll let you know!

I contacted you on the fts site, check it out.

Anything on The Hooligan @ Mikseri is yours to use as well. By reading the description I feel my stuff ain’t exactly what you’re looking for though.

NOTE: Mikseri allows only 160kbs which have effected some tracks, so higher bitrate-versions of some songs are here..

Conner_Bw, I will be using: 항 그렇는가 박, 소련 한국사람?

I’m not too sure what the title saids, hah (reminds of that article I was reading on your site with the tattoos and not knowing what it meant), but I really dig that track nonetheless. Well, done. It’s around more or less what I was looking for, roughly, heh.

And Hooligan/DCS, I will be looking through your stuff as well, I’ll let you know if I find anything that I think may fit the bill. Thx!

fuck I love the rides in that track.